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why kattappa killed bahubali

Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali is revealing in Bahubali 2

After Bahubali the begining everybody is searching in google that why did kattappa kill Bahubali?? Actually that is a sure question by everybody on the base of bahubali the beging climax. Here I am giving some answers which came to know to me by some of our fellows who are working in Bahubali 2 sets. Bahubali the conclusion is the full answer for the most awaited question of the year WHY KATTAPPA KILLED BAHUBALI ???( Nava Telangana exclusive coverage)
who is kattappa :
Kattappa is very loyal and great soldier of Mahishmathi kingdom. He will do the work what the king says. He will give his life for the king’s life. And in the end Kattappa killed bahubali but why? why kattappa killed bahubali in hindi?

bahubali kattappa actor name is Sathya Raj. He is very well known actor in south cinema industry.

Kattappa and Bahubali : Kattappa and Bahubali has good relation between them. Bahubali calls kattappa as Mama in the film. Then what happened to him…? Why kattappa killed Bahubali?

bahubali kattappa actor name is Sathya Raj. He is very well known actor in south cinema industry.

why kattappa killed bahubali real answer is that simply with some reasons Bahubali will leave the kingdom and bhallaladeva will be the king then some war will come and bahubali will be supporter of against kingdom. So this is the time for Bhallaladeva to kill Bahubali but he can’t do that because of fear. So Bhallala deva king of Mahishmathi will order the kattappa to kill Bahubali during war. So Kattappa will go and punch bahubali with his knife then he fell down and killed by Bhallala Deva only but as per the scenes in Bahubali the begining we think that Kattappa killed bahubali.

why kattappa killed bahubali funny : As per the vengalappas information kattappa has huge angry on bahubali that in chiuldhood bahubali has taken his food while he is eating so he is waiting for the situation to kill bahubali atlast he got that in the war and kattappa killed bahubali.


why kattappa killed bahubali jokes:

Kattappa:Bahu, you are very handsome
Bahubali : Thanks Kattappa mama.. you are too gundusome mama hahhahaa
Kattappa became angry on bahubali and killed Bahubali.

why kattappa killed bahubali real answer is discussed above just go up and see.

why kattappa killed bahubali in hindi.. I cant tell in hindi sorry people

why kattappa killed bahubali real answer in hindi. Please read that in English mentioned above

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why kattappa killed bahubali quora :
(why kattappa killed bahubali in english):

why kattappa killed bahubali

The story rewinds to the days when Amarendra Bahubali began to rule the kingdom. While many reforms made Bahubali people enjoyed and only respect for people, Bhallala Deva, the commander of the war risked his life to fall or activities of war. In time events became a monster and was in serious mission to become the king of Mahishmathi. Although Sivagami felt that corresponds to his decision to witness the prosperity of Mahishmathi in the reign of Bahubali which was the heart of a mother who lost peace to see his biological son Bhallala Deva totally eclipsed by Bahubali.

The days go past and it was recognized that a neighboring kingdom is forming allies with other small kingdoms to end Mahishmathi as it had a great potential for all other realms threat. Bhallala Deva, as the commander in chief ordered to perform a secret mission to kill the commander of the War and the King of the neighboring kingdom to stop the war. Bhallala Deva, fierce fighting fully with his troops, killed his commander and war destroyed the Warriors lead. Bhallala Deva searches madly for the king to get executed him and finally found, along with a warrior woman who had an even more skillful unprecedented attack on Bhallala Deva. kattappa in the act of rescue puts the warrior down and became Devasena, the princess of the neighboring kingdom. Meanwhile, the king Bhallala Deva escapes and takes the princess home as a captive and tied chains just make her suffer. Seeing this kattappa feel guilty for being a part of it.

The human king Bahubali comes to the rescue of Devasena and orders to relieve her chains and ensures that is treated with respect. The king and Devasena also had a moment together in their first meeting. Devsena with its unique blend of feminism and impresses value Bahubali and what kind of falls for her. Devsena also involved with Bahubali and mutually in love with each other. Sivagami recognizes this.

Bijjala parallel Deva / Pingaladevan makes a master plan that aims Devasana to marry his son so he could have a own kingdom and finally become a king. Palavaallthevan develops a strong desire to Devasena but is rejected in the face to approach her. Pingaladevan discuss this with Sivagami, as this could prevent war between the realms approving it. However, she wisely cites’ Devasena be married to this kingdom “Bahubali think in his mind.

Devsena’s father, King has this and makes sure that would take down Mahishmathi. Sivagami, however convinces Devasana for marriage, saying that this event finally make peace between the kingdoms and save many innocent lives. Bahubali and marries Devasena .This adds to the heat of Bhallala Deva and Sivagami know who has won the true hatred of both Bhallala Deva and his followers. But Sivagami always believed in making fair decisions and was with him at all.

The king and queen ruled Mahishmathi new to the tastes of its people. Meanwhile, the tension between the two kingdoms hit the surface like all small kingdoms eventually formed an ally and manipulated the king, now madly wanted to capture Mahishmathi and Mahishmathi in turn declared an enemy kingdom. The allies were without leading soldiers in a previous attack by Mahishmathi now want to maximize their strength to fall to ordinary people in their war. As Bahubali was also preparing his kingdom by war, Devasena was worried that this would cost the lives of many innocent people who also degrade the primary intentions of his marriage to Bahubali. She secretly takes Bahubali the allied kingdom of him understand things better. Bahubali witness sad scenes of children and women forced to train for a war to match their strength Mahishmathi. It sympathizes people and made a promise to his son Devasena being carried treat these people as their own people and protect them at all costs.

Bahubali then decided to go to the peace talks that failed miserably and strongly suggests Sivagami get to go to war before they could act to which it responds negatively. ineffeciency of Bahubali to declare a war created waves in the kingdom and finally council members were called to a meeting to decide the need for a new king. Votes achieved equally divided between Bahubali and Bhallala Deva where the vote of Sivagami plays a decisive role. Sivagami, always being that corresponds to his decision wanted to protect his kingdom as she understands the emotional attachment of Bahubali with the enemy could own a danger to his kingdom kingdom. Vote Palvaaldevan and Bahubali steps down to be the commander of the war. It was ironic that once Sivagami prefer him to the kingdom of the same concern I had for innocent lives, but to return to their own innocent ” then lives. Bhallala Deva finally the king declares war immediately.

Bhallala Deva recognized as Bahubali not kill people in the war that Kattappa the commander of the war and gives a specific protocol had to obey in war. Now Bahubali is just a warrior in the army of Kattappa, trying to save innocent people from enemy kingdom. kattappa is requested to capture children and lady warriors, but not hurt. Kattappa responds positively and began to capture women and children without hurting. However a special troop arrives Mahishmathi carry the flag and began to kill these people captured. Bahubali stands against them and the act of keeping his promise had to sword his own men. Now the next thing to happen would be Kattappa Backstabbing Bahubali as Balladeva deceived Kattappa giving a protocol war that reads “I recognized there is a traitor in its ranks. It will identify it as killing our own men and you have to fight stabbed him in the hand later, it deserves as a traitor. you take this weekend as the true servant of Mahishmathi without any deviation. ” As Bahubali dies keep the promise of his son, Devasena gives birth to the child and “Mahendra Bahubali” was born from the true promise of his noble father “Amerendara Bahubali”.

Sivagami comes to know of this from kattappa and saves the child in potential danger at the expense of sacrificing her life as she understands his decision went wrong and .The sin most people saved by Bahubali were enslaved in Mahishmathi (which could be seen in the first part of the film to be as sensitive to the word ‘Bahubali’ at the scene of the golden statue erection). Some others escaped the enemy kingdom and forms a rebellion, only to rescue Devasena, the Queen of Kunthala Rajyam. Bhallala Deva will marry to shreya in the next part bahubali the conclusion.

The remaining film will be in the form Mahendra Bahubali claims the throne.

why kattappa killed bahubali revealed by SS Rajamouli:

In one interview Rajamouli revealed the secret of why Kattappa killed Bahubali. Simply he said I will tell you in the Bahubali the conclusion and in the teaser release function Prabhas said “I think Rajamouli will reveal it in Bahubali 3 ?”. People are very excited about the answer for the most awaited question of the year why kattappa killed bahubali??

why kattappa killed bahubali in telugu :

Mana telugulo pachiga cheppukovalante mana bahubalini mana kattappa enduku killinaadu ante mana daggara assalu javabe ledu. Edho ee social medialo jaruguthunna konni rumours and falthu muchatle thappa manakee peddha em theleedhu.. Chuddam.. Edho okati why kattappa killed bahubali ante mathram manaki emi theleedhu bahubali the conclusionlo thelusthadhi so wait and see….

why kattappa killed bahubali in tamil : We don’t know

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