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What If Nandamuri Suhasini Wins?

Nandamuri Suhasini was fielded as a MLA Candidate in the Assembly Polls happening in Telangana for purely political reasons. The actual plan was to bring Jr NTR for the campaigning so as to make him tour AP as well during 2019 Elections. Whether or not Young Tiger falls in the trap will be known in the next few days.

What if Nandamuri Suhasini emerges victorious in Kukatpally Assembly Constituency? Few of members in the Nandamuri Family could come forward to foray into politics. The agenda could be contesting 2019 AP Elections on TDP Ticket.

Whether TDP Leadership is ready to encourage all those aspirants just alike they did in the case of Suhasini is a million dollar question. Chances look bleak as not everyone will have a brother like Jr NTR…isn’t it? Why would Naidu offer an MLA or MP Ticket to anyone if the move doesn’t guarantee political mileage?

In case if Suhasini faces defeat, Nandamuri Family Members mayn’t dare to take the opportunity even if they were offered ticket & mind their own business.

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