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Warangal ranks 21 in the Smart Cities list

Warangal has bagged the 21st spot in the Smart Cities ranking with 56.95 points. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has released the rankings on the basis of the progress of the projects in 98 smart cities across the country. The city of Nagpur in Maharashtra ranked first with 259.96 points.

In the neighbouring Telugu state of Andhra Pradesh, Vishakhapatnam ranked 13th with 88.28 points. Kakinada is in the top 20 with 58.7 points. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been in the forefront of the development of towns and cities with world-class comforts of modernity and attraction.

For the first time in the second week of June 2015, Smart City, Amrut and Hriday schemes were introduced. In this manner, 98 smart cites were selected in the country. However, instead of the first phase, Warangal was selected by the end of June 2016 in the Supplementary Scheme. Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) was set up for plans, estimates, grants release, management and decisions for Smart city projects.

Greater Warangal Smart city Corporation Limited (GWCL) went forward for the management of Smart city. The project of four Smart roads works with Rs 39 crore are already going at a great pace. Rs.53 crore for rehabilitation of Kakatiya musical garden, public garden, monolithic parks, at Rs 36.8 crore for Hanamkonda Zoo Park and KMG Park for setting up sewage water treatment plants and development of sewage treatment plants respectively.

Rs.35 crores for roof-way construction on Bhadrakali tank Bund and Rs.10.5 crores for Bhadrakali tank Bund development. The multilateral complex and commercial complex will be constructed before the Hanamkonda Ashoka Theater at Rs 16.8 crore.

The ranking was based on the progress of the projects in all the smart cities across the country. Some experts concede that Warangal is in the supplementary position, but the Greater Warangal authorities are satisfied with the progress. 

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