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WannCry Ransomware Decrypt Methods by CERT

WannaCry malware is shaking the Internet world now. How to counter this malware that has already been announced by experts The Indian Cyber Security Agency has provided special information on the latest threat to the CERT. There are many suggestions for the Netizens how to save themselves from it. There is no belief that the data will be released after the payment has been paid as claimed by the attackers. Furthermore, repeated attacks on the attack system have been repeatedly demanded that the entire amount will be deleted completely. The country’s cyber security firm CERT has issued guidelines on the methods of attacking users of such attacks.

WannaCry Ransomware targets files containing a variety of extensions such as RAR, PDF, MP4, PPT, DOC, Zip etc. Once entered into the computer, it adds the Malware .wcry extension to system files. To trick the computer, taskche.exe adds malware files to massecsvc.exe to system files. Once the computer is infected, it is not easier to decrypt it. Because the private keys are not available.

Some security measures indicated by CERT for users to decrypt WannaCry:

Wannacry Ransomware Infected1

– All data on the system must take a backup first. Keep the computer offline fo the easy recovery process.
-Apply Microsoft Security Bulletin 2017 MS10-010 Patches.
-Regular patches are not available for unsupported versions, such as -XP, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008. So users have to upgrade their computers to avoid the threat.
Users also need to upgrade the Windows version of regular patches.

-Please remove the computer from the network unless the patches are available. Take the patches through the CD or USB. Then connect to the network.
It should be updated from time to time using only anti-virus software.
– To block spam emails in the email.
– Do not open any unwanted spam emails that come from people you don’t know.
-Macros should be disabled in Microsoft’s products.
– For more information, users can visit the CERT website.

What companies need to do when the WannaCry Affected:

-Remove the PC from Network. Malware is spreading through LAN.-The CERT strongly recommends not to pay the money even it is showing the Ransomware message, it was clear that there was no guarantee that the data will return to the user. And that it would have given an opportunity to attack in the future.-Cleanup tools indicated on the CERT website to demonstrate the performance of the computer.-Even data is encrypted we have to save it.-When the system attacked by WannaCry ransomware mail to incident.cert-in.org.in. Or can call to 1800-11-4949 toll-free number.

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