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Vivi IPL 2017 champions Mumbai Indians

**** Mumbai Indians —- Champions of (vivo :p) IPL 2017

This one is an Absolute classic amongst all the IPL finals .. .. <3 _/\_ 🙂 _/\_

2 million minutes of silence for all those who missed it… . :p :p And those who watched the second innings ball by ball , hats-off to you for holding your nerve!! 😀 (y) :v

Brilliant bowling display by #MI unit and marvelous captaincy and temperament display by #RoHIT Sharma!! <3 (y) _/\_ RPSG might be crying at their own tweet they kept mocking #RoHIT now .. . Karma is a Bi**h guyzzz.. . 😀 😀

#Bumrah a very very rare #Talent, those Yorkers in 17th & 19th overs _/\_ <3 #Mitch hero at the moment <3 (y)

That stunning catch by Rayudu to dismiss Smith <3 _/\_

Krunal Pandya made all the difference with the bat tonight!! (y) #Man_of_the_Match

Vintage #Malinga with a memorable spell! <3 _/\_

2017 number is odd but the result is not :p :v

“Amazing.. Simply Amazing game!! ” — SRT <3 sweet gift from #MI to #Master before the release of his biopic (y)


End of Jio Dhan Dhanadhan ads :p :v

#JIO ki ASAR chal gayiii… . KARODON ki DUA lag gayiii 😀 😀 😀 <3 Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan :v

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