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viral news/seal images

viral news video/ seal pulls a girl into the water

today viral news video seal drags girl into steveston water;-

Usually many of us has an habit of throwing food into water animals when we see fish. When they see food in ours hands they come near .Recently,some tourists come to the steveston sea coast on the western coast of canada. These was a bridge like structure to see the ocean beaches .

viral news/seal images

While looking at a seal that swims near the bridge, some people threw food into the water the seal saw it and come close to a girl and went back ,Immediately the girl relaxed sitting on the bridge .In the mean time, the seal come back to the girl and grabbed her into the water a man who saw it immediately jumped and saved the baby.

There was no harm to the baby or the man in this accident.The family of the child was shocked with the incident and soon they all. This video was posted on youtube by michecel fujiwara and it’s gone viral news video .After watching this video some people comment’s that the baby was lucky. Some other people are against throwing food to fishes

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this is viral news video watch now;-

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