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Telangana tops in ease of doing business

Telangana Tops in Ease of Doing Business

Telangana is top in the ease of doing business. The Union Commerce Ministry has recently released the rankings of easy-to-trade states. Telangana stood in the top spot in the list. The Chief KCR has been leaping at Telangana peak due to commercial proposals. Recently Telangana IT Minister Ketiar also conducted a series of interviews with several big business houses.


The government has been sanctioned in just 15 days for companies looking to start the business in Telangana. The top companies are coming forward to invest in Telangana. On Tuesday, however, the central trade department released the first place in Telangana list. The newly formed Telangana. The way forward in business is also appealing to other states. Haryana and Bengal are in 2nd and 3rd position after Telangana.

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