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new districts list 2016

Telangana New Districts List 2016

new district names in telangana
telangana new districts

Telangana New Districts List 2016: The cM of Telangana state Kalvakuntla Chandra Shekhar Rao has concluded the 21 new districts & Names of it.It means the newly formed Telangana, which came into existence on June 2, 2014, as the 29th State of India, started out with ten districts. State Consists only 31 districts from Dasara 2016. This take the total number of districts in the country’s youngest state to 31.

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao cut a ribbon in the new district of Siddipet, cut out of his native Medak district, denoting its creation, while Legislative Assembly Speaker, state ministers and other dignitaries attended similar events in other new districts.The occasions denoting the creation of the new districts, coincided with the ‘Dasara‘ festival being celebrated today, were a fantastic issue over the state.

Telangana new districts map

telangana new districts
telangana new 31 districts
telangana new districts
telangana new districts 2016

Telangana New 31 Districts vehicle registration codes list

Motorists wanting to register their vehicles after the formation of the new districts will be given new district codes formulated by the TelanganaTransport Department. The State government issued orders notifying the new district codes on Tuesday.

Joint Transport Commissioner B Venkateshwarlu made it clear that all motorists don’t have to run around the Road Transport Authority (RTA) offices to change the registration code of the district.

Only new vehicles that come up for registration from the date of formation of the new districts will be given the new codes while owners of existing vehicles need not change the district code.

Officials said the new district codes are for administrative convenience and to have a record of the number of vehicles being registered in each district, but it has also opened the doors for fancy registration numbers.

Fancy vehicle registration numbers are auctioned. Earlier there were only 10 districts. Now, there are 31, which means RTA authorities will have the option of auctioning fancy number plates in 21 additional districts.

Fancy numbers give higher revenue to the RTA as the owners have to pay more for the privilege of obtaining the special numbers.


Telangana New District Names with Famous Personalities

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