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Telangana Formation Day Celebrations, Holiday, New Districts, Images

Telangana formation day is June 2, 2014. Before 2014 elections it is declared that Telangana state will come on June 2nd. So many students sacrificed their lives for the formation of Telangana State.( Nava Telangana exclusive coverage).

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Telangana, India’s new and the 29th state is conceived. The Government of India had altered June 2 as the formation date for the new state, which it made by passing a Bill in Parliament in February. The 63-year-old K Chandrashekar Rao, who drove the development for a different condition of Telangana since 2001, had taken the ledge as the new Chief Minister of the state. His gathering, the TRS, has won both Assembly and Lok Sabha races hung on April 30 2014. His gathering won 63 Assembly seats and 11 Lok Sabha situates by wrecking the Congress. Telangana formation day is on june 2 so get ready for it

Hyderabad will serve as a joint capital for both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for a long time 10 years. Andhra Pradesh will need to manufacture a different capital inside 10 years. The Governor of Telangana will manage Hyderabad till the AP government moves to another capital.

Telangana formation day june 2 is a holiday:

Telangana Formation Day June 2 Holiday or Not, All Telangana Peoples are Searching on google this word. June second is a Telangana Formation Day.The Second Anniversary of Telangana Formation Day Scheduled on June 2 2016 would be distinctive this year in more routes than one as the administration has coordinated the authorities up to town level on the projects to be taken up by them including sorting out extraordinary petitions looking for welfare of the general population and improvement of the State in all spots of worship.Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Tuesday guided the authorities to compose the second commemoration fete on a great scale so that merry air was reflected all over the place.

In a survey meeting held with a few individuals from the Cabinet-Sub Committee on the festivals, he said the groups of Telangana saints ought to be congratulated at gatherings to be held as a feature of the celebrations.The Chief Minister guided the authorities to light up and elegantly adorn all administration establishments including masterminding hoardings and flags. Merry environment ought to likewise be seen in mechanical units, healing facilities, lodgings, shopping centers, silver screen corridors and other open spots.

In Hyderabad, standards ought to be organized at the air terminal, railroad/transport stations. Moreover, natural products ought to be dispersed to patients in doctor’s facilities and organic products, desserts and non-vegan nourishment ought to be masterminded to the detainees of down and out homes and schools for the outwardly tested.

Sorting out blood gift camps, leading exceptional petitions for welfare and advancement of the State in all spots of love, holding ‘kavi sammelans and mushairas’ in Telugu and Urdu with State development as the topic would likewise be a piece of the current year’s festivals.

Beautification of saints’ arches and Telangana Talli statues, paper composing and rhetoric rivalries to understudies, dissemination of desserts in urban areas, towns, mandal focuses and towns and unique fireworks’ show on the Tank Bund would likewise be held.telangana formation day in telugu.telangana formation day june 2 is a holiday government order


Telangana Formation Day 2017:

2017 is the 4th formation day for Telangana. It is confirmed that Telangana formation day 2017 is the holiday for all Government offices.

Telangana Formation day Celebrations 2017:

Telangana Government is good to go for the week-long festivals to watch Formation Day on June 2, checking one year of arrangement of the new state.

The 10 locale in the recently framed state have prepared for observing ‘Telangana Formation Day’ that will witness a large group of occasions as a component of week-long festival on Telangana’s way of life and battle (for statehood) on an excellent scale.

The official festivals, to be held from June 2-7, will have a progression of social and scholarly projects alongside a large number of occasions that will showcase the rich history and culture of the new state.

Telangana was framed as the 29th condition of the nation on June 2 a year ago, after it was cut out of Andhra Pradesh.

The festivals will start with botanical tributes paid at Martyrs Memorial in Hyderabad’s Gun Park on June 2, spreading out of the national banner on all administration workplaces, walk past by security powers at Parade Grounds and tableaux appear by different offices which will be trailed by dispersion of honors, BP Acharya, Tourism and Culture vital secretary, said.

In recognition of the battle and give up made amid the arrangement of the express, the legislature is wanting to hold occasions covering all fields, from writing to music over all areas consistently.

Notwithstanding it, residents of the state who have rendered critical administration in their individual fields would be respected each with a money grant.

At region level, the festivals will start with paying tributes to Telanganga saints on June 2. Various settings in Hyderabad and also Telangana Bhavan in New Delhi would have these occasions for the general population, he said.

“The tale of Telangana has been an exceptionally typical and gallant one. With its first year commemoration, we are all prepared for this seven day fair. The thought is to make a temperament of party.. wherever we need individuals to observe,” Mr Acharya said.

Social projects will incorporate musical shows, occasions on Telangana silver screen, ballet performance by prestigious entertainers, people workmanship exhibitions, society tunes, ‘yaksha gaanam’, satire appears, other than classes and social projects of different states will highlight in the festivals.

Without precedent for the express, a 3D enlightening mapping will be done at Clock Tower, Buddha Statue and at Kachiguda railroad station in the city, Mr Acharya said.

Raj Bhavan, Necklace Road, Hussain Sagar, Lumbini Park, Metrorail columns, activity signs and government office structures will be brilliantly enlightened, he said, including, there will be 15 minute firecracker show at 15 areas, in and around Hyderabad.

Every day projects will highlight the social personality of groups like Sikhs, Gujaratis and Maharashtrians, among others.

Noted ghazal artist Ghulam Ali will perform at Charminar on June 5.Telangana Formation day 2017 celebrations are here.

The Telangana Golf Association will have the main between state Golf Championship at Hyderabad Golf Association from June 2-5.

A Telangana formation day  celebration and ‘Dawat-e-Hyderabad’ would be sorted out at People’s Plaza.

Movies of noted producers from Telangana like Shyam Benegal and S Narsing Rao will be screened at Lalita Kala Toranam, the authority said.

Artistes of Telangana’s ‘Sanskrutika Sarathi’ will set out on a ‘Telangana Sanskrutika Jaitrayatra’, covering two regions in a day. The yatra will start at Necklace Road here on Telangana formation day date:June 2 and come back to Tank Bund in Hyderabad on June 7.

Anganwadi laborers and ladies’ SHG amasses in substantial numbers are probably going to partake in the rally.

On the valedictory day, more than 5,000 specialists from various locale will partake in projects, Mr Acharya included.

Telangana Formation Day 2017 : History of the Telangana Movement

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