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kcr to introduce 3 more schemes on june 2

Telangana CM KCR introduce 3 more schemes on June 2

As Telangana state enters into the third year, the festival has already started in the state of Telangana. Allpeople are very happy with the schemes that KCR provided in these 3 years. Like Kalyana Laxmi, Pension to old people, Double bedroom flats, mission Bagheeratha, mission Kakatheeya, Haritha Haram and so on. So now on the eve of Telangana Formation day 2017, our honorable CM KCR is going to introduce 3 more schemes.

In that, the main thing is Liquor-free Telangana. Say no to Gudumba is the main thing that KCR is going to make.

And that 2nd scheme is already announced by the government that KCR kits to new mothers with essentials for infants at Government hospitals.

And the 3rd scheme is Single Woman Pension scheme. It will be launched on June 4th after the Telangana Formation day celebrations.

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