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Taking a political survey from students will delete your vote in AP

If you receive a call from girls informing that they are from a University studying in the Department of Political Science and ask you to take a political survey as part of their project work, you should be cautious.

With the Telangana Police Department’s inquiry into personal data leakage, it is clear that a political party has disclosed all the data about the voters, including their Aadhar and mobile phone numbers.

With the mobile number in hand, a team from that political party is conducting a survey claiming themselves as students from Hyderabad Osmania University and other universities.

In the survey, they will ask you questions like how satisfied you are with the current Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and who do you prefer as your next Chief Minister?

If they feel that you will not vote for the party for which they are working, the data will be transmitted their bosses who work to erase your vote.

Many people from Andhra Pradesh are receiving these calls from the last few months.

A YSRC leader also received calls on behalf of students from Osmania University and he has asked them about the details of the projects. But he did not answer any of the questions put by the lady in the name of a survey for her college project.

Similarly, many of AP voters are receiving these calls.

Fake delete pleas hit 3.7% of AP electorate

In a short span of seven days, the Election Commission (EC) received en masse applications from unidentified persons seeking deletion of 13.16 lakh votes — roughly 3.7% of the total electorate of 3.69 crore in AP.

The Election Commission has now directed district authorities to lodge complaints with police to identify the IP addresses of the culprits.

The flood of fake applications to remove names of eligible voters began on Feb 26 and verification by revenue authorities revealed that most of them were illiterate.

Nellore: Bulk deletion of voters

At the instance of the district election officer and collector, Nellore district, R. Muthyala Raju, several cases were filed on Monday against different persons who applied for deletion of votes in bulk in Atmakur, Sarvepalli and Sullurpeta Assembly segments.

Tahsildars of Atmakur and Marripadu in Atmakur Assembly constituency, Podalakur in Sarvepalli segment, Ozili, Pellakur and Naidupeta in Sullurpeta Assembly segment wrote to the station house officers of police stations in their jurisdiction to book cases against different persons who applied for deletion of votes.

Applications in Form 7 have been received to delete 1,117 voters from 28 persons on February 26 and 28 in Pellakur mandal.

Similarly applications have been submitted to delete 327 voters in Ozili mandal.

Online applications have been received from different persons three to six times to remove votes of particular persons in Marripadu mandal.

In Naidupeta mandal also, applications to delete 1,302 names from the voters list were received by officials from 23 persons. Interestingly all the applications for deletion have been submitted on February 26 and 28.

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