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Hyderabad Sudden Rains

Why Sudden Rains in Hyderabad only ? Reason explained Here

Full sunny until noon. Then suddenly dense clouds. The rain no longer tolerates in the evening. This strange atmosphere. This situation is all over Hyderabad and Telangana state.

This is not our state alone. This is the same situation in Central India. Analysts reveal that this is a major change in the atmosphere. From 1950 to 2015, the climate in Telangana has been torn apart. Researchers estimate that due to humidity coming across the Arabian Sea, this eczema is responsible for this extreme climate.

From April to September, the monsoon is coming from the Arabian Sea. It is in the middle of the country where the rains are scary.

Many parts of the Arabian Sea have been hit by heavy rains due to heavy rains. Scientists are predicting a situation like Maharashtra and Telangana, Odisha and parts of Assam. The Pune-based Center for Accelerate Change Research and the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology estimates.

Scientist Dr. Roxy Matthew Cole has revealed a report on climate change. In the month of October, he said, there is a rainfall caused by this climate. Experts estimate that rainfall in the cities, as well as global warming, will also have rainfall. Temperatures are rising across climate change.

Most of the time there is a possibility of moisture in the atmosphere. If the sky is high in humidity. The rains are also likely to be huge, and concrete roads will have a greater impact on cities, “Dr. Roxy said.

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