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KTR about parking policy

Special policy for parking problems in Hyderabad : Minister KTR

At present, around 700 new vehicles are coming to Hyderabad roads, and Minister Ketiar said the policy is specifically aimed at resolving the parking problems that are coming up on the roads coming to the roads. Ketiar said the authorities had created a parking policy for studying policies in various states and countries. Minister Ketiar reviewed the camping camp office on the parking policy aimed at addressing parking issues in the city and other municipal corporations in the state.

In the review, Ketiar said that the parking lot was created by various departments. The policy is to look into all the municipal corporations in Telangana, with a view to implementing this policy in the densely populated areas of three police commissionarates in Hyderabad city. Minister Ketiar ordered the officials to take appropriate action.

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At the end of this year, the implementation of the policy will be implemented by the Ministry of Commerce. Ketiar has announced that the parking lot will be implemented in all the towns of the state. Ketiar said that meetings would be held at different levels for coordination between various departments for implementation of this parking policy. The minister said that a mobile app would be launched specifically for parking where parking is available where parking is available. The meeting was attended by GHMC officials, Metro Rail and City Police Commissioners.


Highlights of the parking policy:

* The specialty guidelines have been created for various categories, such as parking on Street Parking, Short Stay Parking, parking in residential buildings, government offices, parking in public places, heavy vehicle parking, bus, railway stations, parking lots, parking lots, and parking space for MMS stations.

* There are broad roads on the part of the on-the-strict category, which allow parking on roads above 12 meters wide. Special arrangements will be made for parking only for a short time. This facility is set up especially in banks and shops. This clause is currently in place for shoppers to keep their vehicles on their front roads all day. Parking costs in this area cannot be ruled out due to parking fees and parking fees.

* The parking-related rules embedded in the provisions for the construction of the complexes will be implemented more strictly. Property tax exemption will be given to the floor building for open parking in newly constructed buildings. In such cases, promotions such as exemptions and property tax will be announced in terms of building structures.

* The terms of the policy are designed to put the responsibility of parking in accordance with demand. Most of the heavy vehicles on roads will be restricted to parking, and large vehicles will be restricted to special areas.

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