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Secunderabad Ujjaini Mahankali Bonalu Jathara History | Bonalu 2017

Telangana is a place of different festivals like Bathukamma and Bonalu. These two are the epic festivals for Telangana people. Now here we are giving exclusive news of Telangana Bonalu 2017.

Bonalu history

What is the History of Lashkar Bonalu:

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Bonalu is a great festival for Hyderabad people. If we go into the history of Bonalu we will know some great things behind it. Mahankali matha bonalu is started from 1813 only but why and what for. Just read and know here.

In 1813 Bhagyanagaram was suffered by the epidemic plague. So many people died because of this Plague. At that time Mohammad Kuli Kuthubshah was the ruler. He deeply thought about solutions to cure this Plague and consulted so many British doctors but everybody told it can’t be stopped. So Bhagyanagaram people have decided to gather at some place. Then one of the Mahankali temples is the place for that meeting which is now called as Ujjain temple. So people prayed the Mahankali about curing this Plague. As their prayers succeeded and so many people cured of it. From then people started showing their love towards Mahankali Matha as the form of festival Bonalu.

It is the History of the Bonalu Festival. So many places are for centered for this Bonalu. Like Lashkar, Golconda, Secunderabad, Balkampet, Jublihils and so many places are figured for the Bonalu pandaga.


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