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Sasikala sponsored 10 crores to each MLA for support

A sting operation conducted by the national tv exposed to lobbying by VK Sasikala Natarajan O Panneerselvam and his brother, and before the MLAs to vote for their trust in the assembly.

While Sasikala initially offered Rs 2 crore to each MLA, O Panneerselvam has promised to pay Rs 1 crore. At one level, Sasikala prepared to pay for each legislator Rs 4 crore. They offered at Rs 6 crore. Taniyavarasu unit Deputies, they would crore Karunasu and AK Rose received 10 Rs.

After the revolt of the Panneerselvam O Lord, are changed VK Sasikala Natarajan MLAs with gold, any cavities at all. Saravanan runs on all disguise. After all, the police have been filed the complaint, alleged that he was prevented by force of arms, from him, from the station to the Sasikala ‘coterie.

sasikala biography

Sources say at last, Because of the provocation of Saravanan being able to bring him back to live 900 Palanisamy to anger, not only promised. The revelation of these things, and so he bears Sasikala Panneerselvam the camp, the camp of the.

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