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sasikala biography

Sasikala Natarajan biography

Tamilnadu Politician Sasikala Natarajan was born on 29 January 1956, in Manargudi, Tamil Nadu. She belongs to a Keller family. She married R. Natarajan, who was a Public Relation Officer in Tamil Nadu all the while, admitting on a temporary basis.Sasikala Natarajan, a conclusion confidante of Amma Jayalalithaa, Ex-Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.Sasikala became an end acquaintances with Jayalalithaa after shooting for all the marriages and functions of Jayalalithaa herself. She was expelled from the party along with her relatives on December 19, 2011, only ultimate admitted back again on March 31, 2012.She has also cast a sentence for four lifetimes with reference to Disproportionate Asset Case in 2014 over Jayalalithaa. The case was freed by High Court but is now pensive in the Supreme Court; she was acquitted better Jayalalitha in Colour TV scam in 1996 only impending diminished all Supreme Court Later on.(Sasikala Natarajan Biography)

Sasikala Earlier Life:

sasikala biography

She was born in 1956 at Thiruthuraipoondi, and her family moved to Mannarkudi. According to the source, she belonged to Tamil Brahmin caste – Hindu. Married to Natarajan, who was Public Relations Officer in Tamil Nadu government.

After her husband had lost his job in government, she was forced to sell or pawn jewels due to income issue. Sasikala has started Video renting business and also ran Video recording services for family functions like marriages.

Sasikala Natarajan biography:

Name                               V.K. Sasikala Natarajan
Date of Birth                  29 January 1956
Age                                   60
Home Town                   Mannarkudi
Current City                   Chennai
Husband                         Natarajan
Son/Daughter                No
Caste                                Hindu
Party All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (ADMK)
Position General Secretary
Active from 2016


After the demonize of Late General Secretary of ADMK Jayalalithaa, the gang of Mannarkudi family has rounded up her body at Rajaji Hall. Here are some of the prominent relatives of Sasikala.

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