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Telangana Formation day 2017 sand sculpture

A sand sculpture on Telangana Formation day at Tank Bund

A sand sculpture Art at the Tank Bund? Yes, it’s real. For the next 7 days, Hyderabadis can witness a sand sculpture depicting Martyrs’ Memorial, Telangana Talli and K. Chandrasekhar Rao on the road opposite to NTR Garden.

Telangana Formation day sand sculpture

“I was ordered to do a sand sculpture Art for Telangana Formation Day 2017 and the best possible way to represent it was the Martyrs’ Memorial and Telangana Talli. I put the proposal and the Mayor accepted it,” said Tarini Prasad Mishra, the sand artist from Srikakulam who has been selected for the project. ” two tractor loads of river sand for this. By tomorrow we will create a gallery kind of space for people to watch it. The sculpture Sand Art will be kept for 7 days,” Mr. Mishra added.

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