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Sabbam Hari Join to TDP !

MP Sabbam Hari in a recent TV interview announced that he will be making a comeback into AP politics very soon, If political grape wine is to be believed, Hari who has always been very vocal about his support for TDP Chief N Chandrababu Naidu might soon be joining the Telugu Desam party in AP.

Ever since the bifurcation of the two Telugu states, Sabbam Hari has always praised Naidu upfront and maintained an anti-BJP stance.

In his interview, Hari said that he was invited by the TDP chief twice and was also invited by BJP’s Venkiah Naidu to join their respective parties.

Hari also added that he was interested primarily in protecting the interest of the state and said “The BJP is trying to dupe the people of Andhra Pradesh. It said something before the elections and is doing something else now. It could perhaps say that Vizag special zone would be given to the state before the elections,”.

When asked about his opinion on the Congress, Sabbam Hari said ” The party will never be supported by those who saw how the state was bifurcated. It can make a comeback only after a new generation emerges.”

However, Hari said that he is yet to make a formal announcement of his political entry into AP politics. “I shall take a call before the elections,” he said.

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