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RGV’s Satirical Reaction to Vani Viswanath’s Comments

Vani Viswanath, one of the leading actresses in the 1990’s who has recently announced that she would join the TDP party. Besides this, one of the TDP’s senior party member and Minister Somi Reddy Chandra Mohan Reddy had an issue with Ram Gopal Varma regarding the latest project of Varma “Laxmi’s NTR” movie. By supporting the party members Vani Viswanath is angry with the director Varma.

On Friday, while speaking to the media she said that, Telugu Audience, will look NTR as a Rama and Krishna postures and in their minds NTR is the godlike actor. And she also mentioned, that BalaKrishna is already making a film about NTR’s life. That’s great. Because the BalaKrishna will show his Father NTR as God. But, Ram Gopal Varma ‘Lakshmi’s NTR sounds suspicious. Hence, she requested Varma to stop the attempt of making films on NTR biopic.

And so, she warned RGV that, she would be the first person as an NTR fan will hold a dharna in front of Varma’s house.

In regards, to Vani Viswanath’s comments, director RGV said that he doesn’t have a house and anyway most of the times he will be roaming on the roads. So, Vani Viswanath feet would be burnt if she kept searching for him on the roads.

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