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Red Mi Note 4 review

Redmi Note 4 (32 GB) Mobile Review | Specs, Price, Features

I have purchased Redmi Note4 4GB-64GB version in very first Flash sale and using it since then.
After getting the desired Results, I Purchased 3GB-32GB version from Flipkart for my Father.
Following are the Observations,
1) All 3 versions have Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 64 bit Processor(2ghz Octa core).
# This Processor perfectly balances the Battery life & Performance.
2) The screen is 5.5inches 2.5d slightly Curved at the edges.
3) Has memory expansion option up to 128GB ( Hybrid slot).
4) Most Importantly Battery Life is 20% Better than Note 3, because of Snapdragon 625 Processor.
( Check the Genuine Battery Performance stats below the Cons )
5) Built Quality is Improved over Redmi Note 3.
6) Finger Print sensor is Lightening Quick.
7) Phone Handles Heavy games like NOVA, Modern Combat 5, Asphalt 8, etc Smoothly.
8) With heavy multitasking, NO LAGS Detected yet.
9) Also, NO Substantial Heating Noted.
10) Camera Quality is reasonable for the Price and Better than Note 3.
11) Has Lots of sensor like accelerometer, gyro, Infrared Blaster, etc.
12) Supports Dual Sim.I am Using JIO Sim with it and I get good Performance.
13) The device gets Regular Software Updates.
1) NO Quick Charging Supported.
2) Video Recording Quality is Not that Good.Honor 6x & Moto g4+ has Better camera Quality.
# I certainly Not Recommend it for Vlogging.
3) Back is bit Slippery.
4) Can’t Get Same Performance with 2GB Ram version (my friend has one).
5) No Earphone Included in Package.
6) The display is NOT Corning Gorilla Glass, which makes it vulnerable to Damage.
7) 4GB version gives 2.2GB max. Ram even if All Apps are closed.
8) The design is Very Similar to Note 3.
Battery Performance Stats:
# Charging from 0 to 100% takes 2hrs 30mins. with 2Amp stock charger.
# Battery Performance is Better than Note 3 & Redmi 3s Prime, even if Battery is Same(4100mah).
Usage Mode —> Battery Performance(Avg.)
@ Mobile Data(3g/4g) Used Continously —> 9 Hrs.
@ Mobile Data ON + GPS ON + Normal Calling —> Roughly 1.5 Days.
@ Normal Calling Only + Standby —> Almost 2 Days.
@ Normal Calling + Music Playback( Continuous ) —> 9 Hrs.
@ Internet Usage on WiFi Only( No Calling ) —> 12 Hrs.
@ Gaming ( Wifi) —> 7-8.5 Hrs.
@ Gaming ( without WiFi ) —> 8-9.5 Hrs.
@ Video Playback —> 13 Hrs.
If you Already have Redmi Note 3 or 3s Prime, then Don’t Buy it.
If you are purchasing your 1st MI phone, then Definitely Go For it.
DO NOT Purchase 2GB Version, you won’t get Best Performance out of it.
At least Purchase 3GB Version.
Finally, for Battery Hunters. If Not satisfied with this Beast, then they can go for Lenovo P2.
It will give you 4+ Hrs of Performance compared to Redmi Note 4.

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