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Rahul Gandhi will be PM in 2019, says TPCC cheif Uttam Kumar Reddy

The political developments in Karnataka prove that the conspiracies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah to remain in power will no longer work, Telangana state Congress president Uttam Kumar Reddy said on Saturday.

“There is no doubt that no one can stop Rahul Gandhi from becoming the Prime Minister in 2019,” Mr Uttam said in Hanamkonda on Saturday evening, after the BJP failed to prove its majority in the Karnataka Assembly.

Calling the Karnataka episode a “victory of democracy and victory of the Congress,” Mr Reddy congratulated Mr Gandhi for his guidance in dethroning the BJP which had claimed power using unconstitutional methods.

“The morale of the party cadre across the country is boosted with this outcome, especially in Telangana where it is going to claim power in 2019,” he said.

“The BJP’s efforts to twist rules in their favour in Manipur and Goa were clear and when they tried to do the same in Karnataka, they only received a blow,” he said.

“The way they influenced Governors and used them as their office-bearers is disgusting. A new trend has now set in the country. The people have started opposing the BJP. They have come to know of the BJP’s thirst for power and utter disregard for the constitution and democracy. This would pave the way for the Congress party’s victory in 2019 across the country,” he said.

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