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Plastic rice
Plastic rice is dangerous to health

Plastic Rice in Andhra and Telangana States

Plastic rice is viral news in all over India. In Andhra Pradesh it is found in first Srisailam, Karnool District.

Now a day’s duplicates water, duplicate Milk, duplicate masalas, duplicate vigitable, delicate fruits also come on the Market.

Plastic Rice
It is dangerous

At last Plastic Rice come to India. Plastic Rice is the big issue in Andhra and Telangana States. Already the news channels told  its users in hostels. This is used in Yoosaf Guda hostel. The hostel students get weary in this incident. The hostel students say some a day they were cooking the rice. They said there are no worry about hostel students’ health. They are using that rice like a ball and playing cricket.

In the social media news is viral all over India. The Public is always checking  the rice in hotels. They are doubt about that rice is original or not. If they go to hotels they are checking the Biryani rice is original or not.

The Public tests the cooking rice like a ball and beating in eating plate. Is it original or not. What is this Distress? In India praying rice equal to god. But nowadays they are double to eat that rice.

If the rice flying in the air that is the Plastic Rice. If it’s not flying the air it is original rice. After checking it, they are eating rice. You do not think what this game eating rice. Because Plastic Rice is dangerous to health.

First the rice import from China. But nowadays it is made in India.

We are not marking the rice after cooking. But some tricks to mark Plastic Rice.

Plastic rice
Plastic rice is dangerous to health

plastic rice3

Put the tablespoon of rice in a glass of cold water and turn it. If the rice floating up that is the duplicate rice. If they are Drowning in water that is the original rice. If you use these tricks you are make healthy.




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