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Pawan’s Statement Is Super Hit

“Telangana Techham Ane Vallu Kondaru, Ichham Ane Vallu Kondaru, Pencham Ane Vallu Kondaru” said Janasena President Pawan Kalyan, in his latest statement to the people of Telangana. While this is a known thing, here comes the best part.

Actually, the statement given by Pawan is a superhit with Telangana folks, because he has clearly underlined that ‘Telangana sentiment’ is the only ruling factor of this early general election in this newly formed stated. His words saying that some claim they have brought Telangana, some claim they have sanctioned it and some claim they have made Telangana are an indirect reference to TRS, Congress and TDP respectively.

Whichever may be the party, everyone’s claim is around Telangana sentiment only. And then, Pawan’s cinematic rhyming touch to the dialogues is instantly catchy. And then, at a time when everyone is expecting PK to align his loyalties some party in the Telangana as he is not contesting, his cinematic dialogues saying that they should elect a least-corrupt government is another super hit.

Because Pawan is indirectly hinting that almost all the political parties are corrupt in one way or the other. Isn’t it?

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