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Osama bin laden

Osama bin laden son come back to Al Qaeda group

Is a terrorist al Qaeda coming to power again? Our efforts to consolidate different militant groups? With the arrival of 28-year-old Hamza bin Laden, many countries’ intelligence agencies focus on the topic. Hamza Al-Qaeda is the son of Osama bin Laden, the former head of the Al Qaeda. Surveillance companies estimate that young people are attracted to him as he belongs to the Prophet Muhammad.

Osama bin laden
Many of the top al-Qaeda leaders have also been convinced that Hamzan was the heir of the past. Al Jawahiri described him as “a lion from the cave” two years ago. In fact, Osama bin laden had a similar view. Humaza is the 15th in 20 children of Osama bin laden. The third wife is Khaira Sabhar’s son. Hamza is the only son in her childhood. Osama bin laden loves choir. She is a man from Saudi Prophet Muhammad’s family.

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Hamas grew up with little parents. He was also in Saudi Arabia, then Sudan and Afganistan. He stayed with West Pakistan for some time. He also reported that he had been married and had two children. But he did not get anywhere. Those who know him, know him well. Like the father, horse riding is very fond of me. Parents were supposed to keep al Qaeda out of operations.

But he argues with them why he is away. Following attacks in the US, Osama bin Laden and other followers hid in the Torrabora hills in eastern Afghanistan. Osama bin laden, then sent his wives to safe places in Iran. Later, Hamza’s father did not have much. He was almost in house arrest in Iran. In 2009, he wrote a big letter to his father asking him to work as a holy soldier (Mujahideen) with disgrace.
Father Osama bin laden preferred only the armed struggle in the West, while Hamza is reportedly telling his followers that, in all possible ways, the damage to those countries.

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