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south korea unit 180
south korea unit 180

North Korean intelligence agency behind cyber attacks ,Unit 180

North Korea has been accused of being behind recent cyberattacks. South Korea officials say there is evidence against them against North Korea, although these allegations are condemned by North Korea. Internet security experts suspect that a special unit, Unit -180 operated by the North Korean intelligence agency RJB, The United States, South Korea and another dozens in cyber attacks in other countries have been involved in cyber attacks in several hundred years.

Cyber researchers say they have technical evidence that North Korea is behind the Wannahrakai Ransomware, which destroyed three lakh computers in 150 countries this month. But Pangyang has denied these allegations.

Last year, the allegations of involvement with North Korea were linked to the Central Bank of Bangladesh and the Lazarus Hacking Group, which stole $ 81 million in the cyber attack on Sony Hollywood Studio in 2014. The US authorities said that the case against Banjung was banned in Bangladesh bank robbery.

North Korea is one of the most secretive countries to operate. Experts claim that it is difficult to get out of its financial transactions. But experts who studied this country, or those who settled in South Korea rebelled against it, provided some evidence. One of those is computer science professor Kim Heng Kwang. In 2004, Pangang said that Cyber attacks would lead to the raising of Kim funds from neighboring South Korea in 2004. The attacks will be conducted by Unit-180. The Unit -180 Financial Institutions, other people’s bank accounts, are bankrupt and steal the money. Some of his former students are currently members of the North Korean Cyber Army. Members of the Cyber Army will go to countries that work well with the Internet network and achieve their goal. They said they would be employees of foreign corporations of companies in North Korea or as the staff of joint venture companies in China and Southeast Asia. North Korean Cyber Experts will continue their attacks from developing countries to keep their existence, “said South Korea’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister Chang Chi.

In June last year, they said they had hacked 1.40 lakh computers in 160 companies of South Korea. He said he was also attacked by a South Korean nuclear reactor from a location in China. They also said that Malaysia has also done so many times. American expert Michael Madden told the Reuters news agency that they would operate from hotels in China or Eastern Europe, offices of gaming and gambling in Malaysia. He said there is no evidence to prove that North Korea is behind these attacks. Recently, Wannarike was behind the racism behind the allegations that North Korea was suspicious, but there was no confirmation. However, co-founder of the American security firm Crowe Systrer Dmitriy Alperovich said that the cyber threat posed by North Korea is real.

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