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june 2 no holiday for schools

No Holiday for Schools on Telangana Formation Day 2017

As we know Telangana government is planning for a grand celebration of Telangana formation day on 2nd June 2017. For this everything is already set in every district. And one thing that they have stated that no holiday for schools on this vacation.

Telangana govt. has decided that every citizen of Telangana has to celebrate the formation day as the festival. So if schools are closed what the future fellows will do simply eat, sleep, play that’s it. But Telangana govt. has other plans. The government released a circular to all the DEOs of all the districts and stated in the article that every school student has to attend the celebration day 2017 in their schools.

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Schools are also suggested to organize sports competitions, games, and essay writing competitions on Telangana formation, and organize and distribute prizes to the winners. The school which will not follow the rules will be discriminated from the education society of Telangana.

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