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Nenu, Naa Avineethi!: Nagababu Funny Skit

As part of the YouTube series ‘My Channel – Naa Istam’, Naga Babu came up with a funny skit on 2019 Elections.

Acting as an Invigilator, Naga Babu offered answer sheets to Two Students (Ruling Party, Main Opposition) and asked them to write on the topic ‘Nenu, Naa Avineethi’.

After few minutes, Mega Brother asked the Students if their writing session has come to end. Much to his shock, Ruling Party Member and Opposition Party Member sought additional as the answer sheets given to them weren’t sufficient to cover the corrupt practices. Naga Babu wondered why does they want one more answer sheet when he had already given them six each. Thereafter, He keeps offering them answer sheets one after the other until the bundle gets completed.

Naga Babu didn’t fix any title for this funny skit. Instead, He asked public to decide what would be the apt title.

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