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Ramgopal Varma Today Twitter post

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Nava Telangana Today News: Director Ramgopal Varma is the heroine of NTR’s life and the biopic is on screen with ‘Laxmas NTR’ title. Varma has not revealed details of who will be in the role of Relay Life NTR and his wife Lakshmi Parvati.

Ramgopal Varma Today Twitter

Nava Telangana Film News

However, the news is being reported in the role of NTR’s character actor Prakash Raj for some time. Recently, Varma has given a clarity through Facebook. Prakash Raj did not act in NTR’s role.
Some media sources claim that Prakash Raj is playing NTR’s role in Laxmas NTR. There is no truth in it. I want to give it clarity. Nobody has been selected for this so far. I will reveal their details soon, “Verma said on Facebook.
In an interview, Varma revealed that the film will be released in October and will be released in October.

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