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Motkupally Narasimhulu Seriously

Motkupally Narasimhulu fell seriously ill on Thursday night. He complained of chest pain and had multiple vomitings. Immediately, The Senior Politician was rushed to Bhuvanagiri Area Hospital in his own vehicle as ambulance hadn’t arrived on time.

In the ongoing Telangana Assembly Polls, Motkupalli is contesting from Aleru Constituency in Yadadri Bhuvanagiri District on behalf of Bahujan Left Front.

For several decades, Motkupally Narasimhulu was a crucial leader in Telangana TDP. He aspired to be Governor during the NDA Rule but received a raw deal. After being denied invitation for Mahanadu, Motkupally revolted against TDP Leadership and he ended up facing suspension. Then, The Former MLA pledged to end TDP Rule in AP by extending support to Jagan and Pawan. Pawan Kalyan turned down the proposal of Motkupally when he expressed his interest to join Jana Sena.

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