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You know what are the Flowers used in Bathukamma???

We believe that the aroma of the Flowers satisfies the divinity. they make a wonderful and tasteful incentive to the pooja custom. they are image of joy, thriving and finish of reason forever.its great to take after the customs effectively like offering right flowers to the god. be that as it may, its likewise critical to have a profound commitment and trust in the god. have a kid like honesty and love for your picked divinity, whom you love consistently. any prayer done heartfully is heard by the all mighty.

Auspicious Flowers Used in Bathukamma:

Bathukamma flowers

  1. Celosia (గునుగు)
  2. Tanner’s Cassia (తంగెడు)
  3. Marigold (బంతి)
  4. Chrysanthemum (చామంతి)
  5. Indian Lotus (తామెర పువ్వు)
  6. Cucurbita (గుమ్మడి పువ్వు)
  7. Cucumis (దోస పువ్వు)
  8. Ipomoea (కట్ల )
  9. Luffa (బీర పువ్వు)
  10. Tridax (గడ్డి పువ్వు)
  11. Ajwain (వామ పువ్వు)



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