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why kattappa killed bahubali

Why kattappa killed Bahubali Jokes

MBBS question paper based on Bahubali:

*”Write a note on approach to Kattappa killing Bahubali. Enumerate the organs most likely to be injured and write a note on hemopneumothorax.*

*”Discuss the various theories on why Kattappa killed Bahubali and how its affecting your practice population”*


*”How will you screen Kattappa for impulsive behaviour with murderous tendencies in family practice”*


*”Use PHQ-9 to screen Devasena for depression and counsel her for PTSD”*


*”Bahubali is brought to you dead due to a serious stab injury to the heart. How will you counsel his family members regarding organ donation?”.*


Go through the following scenario and answer the question that follows:

“Bhallaladeva is constantly angry, restless and irritable. He has h/o lack of empathy and shows cruelty towards animals such as bulls and humans. His body is usually covered by minor oozes from scrapes and wounds. He is obsessive about his body and spends most of the day in the gym.

Q: *Screen the family for adjustment issues and form a plan for management. Write a note on how you’ll apply your knowledge of counselling immature adolescents to make Bhalladeva feel better. Also discuss regarding risks of deliberate self harm and pathological masochism*


Bahubali is brought dead to your clinic. He has a sword passing through-and-through his heart.

*Assuming that you <really> don’t know who has killed him, outline the steps involved in breaking the bad news to Kattappa and his friends without getting yourself beaten up and your clinic getting ransacked. Discuss the medico-legal documentation of such a case”*


*”A young dejected-looking youth presents to you saying that now that he knows why Kattappa killed Bahubali, there’s no more purpose in his life. How will you talk the young man out of committing suicide?”*


Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali revealed in Bahubali 2

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