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Why Kattappa Killed bahubali Answer Here

Okay.. on the day of the the release. I’m breaking the suspense to everyone… The biggest question in people’s minds. Why did Kattappa kill Bahubali? Here is the answer –

Actually, Surya(Tamil actor) designed a watch that would make anyone travel through time. So once he traveled back in time and was very happy to find out that he landed in the time of Amarendra Bahubali. Everyone including Amarendra Bahubali and Kattappa was very happy that they had a visitor from the future. Kattappa being an ordinary slave wanted to know if slavery was still persisting in the future. So he begged Surya to lend him the time traveling watch for just one day so that he could see if his great great great grandsons were still slaves to the throne. Moved by his thought Surya lent him his watch for one day and Kattappa traveled to the current day 27th of April 2017. To his shock, he found every guy crazily buying Bahubali tickets in black spending thousands of hard earned money. He also realized that his grandsons were not slaves to the throne but were slaves to movies so much that they spent their entire salary for buying Bahubali tickets in black. He was quite upset. So he decided that if Amarendra Bahubali himself didn’t exist, then this whole black ticket crap wouldn’t be there. So he hated Bahubali so much that moment that he traveled back in time again and killed him. Simple!

Why kattappa killed bahubali

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