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jayadev cinema review

Jayadev-cinema review and rating

Review:Jayadev-Predictable cop drama

jayadev cinema review

Release date:June 30,2017

Navatelangana.com rating:2.5/5

Director:Jayanth C Paranji

Producer:K.Ashok Kumar

Music Director:Mani Sharma

Starring:Ghana Ravi,Malavika Raaj

The Tittle role done by ghanta ravi is the son of AP minister Ghanta Srinivasa Rao.This movie is directed by Jayanth C Paranji and hit the screens today.Let us see how it is.


Jayadev(ghanta ravi) is the sub inspector who is involved in a deadly murder case of a cop.He know that in this murder a dreaded licker mafia don(vinod kumar) behind all this.Rest of the story is how a simple sub inspector tackles the don and put him in behind the bars.

Plus Points:

Ghanta ravi is ok for acting in this type of subject like serious roles.His physique is quiet well for this type of movies.

Malvika raaj is quite glamarous and eye candy for audience.

Vinod kumar plays a role after a long time.some of shots hide the hero face is has been quite stylishly.The way the problems faced the cop are show cased in an interesting manner.Some investigation scenes have handled well.

Minus Points:

Jayadev is a very predictable old school easy story line.Right from starting audience know easily what is next in the scene.There is no twists and turns in this movie.

It is very disppointing story directed by Jayanth C Paranji who direct most successful movie like preminchukundam raa direct this movie in such a bad manner.The villains track is so poor.

The way hero loses his job and struggle to get back his job is showcased in a very poor manner.There is scope for good elevation scenes which have been not utilized properly.

Technical values:

Production values  of the film is just average.Music is ok and also background score.Camera work is pretty decent and showcased the cop setup in an interesting manner.Editing is pathetic.Coming to the director Jayanth C Paranji,his lack of grip on script clearly visible in this remake.

Final word:

On the whole Jayadev is a too heavy subject for a debutante like ghanta ravi.He should chosen a simple film to make his entry in tollywood.Even though he tried hard for his role,the disappointing narration and lack of  gripping moments take this film down and makes it a strictly below average movie in this weekend.


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