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Salt price hike

Is Salt Price High..? Why?

We know that Salt is very important in our everyday life. Without salt we can’t imagine any curry. But now everybody is saying that Salt price is really very high? and salt is not going to get for us ? Are these all rumors true or not.

Let me say that…Why salt price high..??

As per Indian Salt makers November and December is the best season for making the salt from Sea. But the weather is not well now. So Salt is not there at the makers field.

And more 500 and 1000 rupees notes are banned all over India so the salt makers are not able to give salaries to their employees. And more the dealers who has salt they are creating Artificial demand for salt and they are giving some salt with high rates of prices.( Nava Telangana exclusive coverage)

Is truly everything is correct as per the above Why Salt Price high?:

As we know our country India doesn’t have any situation like less salt production. Because India is the country which has 3rd place in production of Salt all over the world. India has average production like 18.5-19 million tons. In that we are getting 6.5 million tons for eating , 7-8 million tons for industrial needs and Exporting 2-2.5 million tons. So our india has salt much more to export. If export stops for one month then every needs of salt is well as earlier. So no worries on Salt price high rumors….

So there is no single chance of getting hike in the prices of salt. So Be careful with those men who are encouraging with this type of rumors…


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