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Importance Of Sankranthi and its Celebrations, 2018.

Makara sankranthi is otherwise called Kite celebration. Sankranthi is called as “Pongal” in Tamilnadu and it is a “Major” Festival in Andhra Pradesh. Sankranthi is praised in various routes in the nation. Sankranthi is a celebration to thank god for giving a decent collect.

By January the paddy of heartbeats, the sugarcane would have been reaped. The rancher would be celebrate with loaded with satisfaction and bliss. This celebration offers the agriculturist’s thanks for the reap. With collected individuals have both cash and recreation to make cheerful with.

The sankranthi is a 3 days celebration. The main day is “Bhogi”. In the principal day individuals rise early and consuming all the old waste materials. In some different locales “Bogipallu” are poured on kids for their wellbeing. In some different zones put the “Gobbiallo” before house and young ladies are moving.

The following day that is second day is sankranthi. It is a day of sweet sustenance is set up with new rice and there are some uncommon dishes. The celebration is set apart by enormous rangoli before their homes and they enrich the rangoli with blossoms and hues.

The third day is Kanuma. Kanuma Panduga isn’t as generally celebrated, however is an essential piece of the Sankranti culture. Mukkanuma is well known among the non-vegans of the general public. Cockerel battles and flying of kites are essential piece of festivities. In that day races are led for bulls and rooster battles in consistently. Substantial prize sums are granted to the triumphant. Sankranthi is a celebration of Joy and satisfaction for all.


Sankranthi Rangoli-2018.






Importance Of Sankranthi and its Celebrations, 2018.
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Importance Of Sankranthi and its Celebrations, 2018.
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