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Importance of Dhanurmasam-2017


Dhanurmasam is a period of month considered as auspicious in some regions of India, mainly in south India that too in our Telugu states. This month is considered as auspicious for performing some godly functions.Worshipping Lord Vishnu during the early hours of this dhanurmasam is auspicious.Vishnusahasranama chanting is done during this period.Dhanurmasam is not an independent month in any calendar except in the  Malayalam calendar followed by Kerala people.

What the word of Dhanurmasam Means?

The month December-January derives its name from the star Mrigasirsha occurring on or immediately after the month’s Pournami. It is also known as Dhanur masa since during this month the sun transits through Dhanur Rasi (Sagittarius).Vedas and agamas say mornings in this month are ideal for the worship of the Lord. Krishna underlines its special nature by saying in Bhagavad Gita that within months he is Mrigasirsha.In temples all over India during this month there is special pre-dawn worship. Since this
the month is set apart for worship, marriages and other such functions are not performed in Dhanur Masam.

The pooja performed during the entire month of Margashirsha before suryodayam (sunrise) at the Usha kalam for Maha Vishnu, with abhiShekam and Tulasi Archana, offering in nivedanam Pongal bring welfare with all the doshas cured, for the village, the creatures and animals and people living in that area.
Thus the dhanur masa pooja is done in all the temples for the welfare of the people at dawn time during the Margashirsha month. In addition, people also perform such poojas in their homes.
When the sun is in the dhanur rasi, Sri Vishnu pooja done during the Usha kalam for a single day could obtain the fruits of doing pooja for a thousand years.The below phrase describes the importance of dhanurmasam

“Masaanaam margasheershoham” – which means “in all the months, Margasira is the most auspicious”, is what Lord Krishna says about this month in Bhagavad-Gita.

As Sun transits through Dhanur Rashi (Sagarittus) it is called as Dhanur Maasa. Usually, this maasam will be observed during Dec16, 17th to January 14, 15th. During this month, the sun transits the Dhanur Rasi until it enters the Makara Rashi at the end of this month on the Makara Sankranthi day.

In later days, Sri Ramanujaachri made this vratam popular and gained the *-name – Godaagrajulu. Women who wish to get married to the man they love perform this vrata*m during the Dhanurmasam month.

The month of Dhanurmasam is very auspicious to Vishnu devotees. Unlike the other days when the Lord Vishnu starts his day with Suprabhatam, this month he opens his eyes listening to the Tiruppavai – pasuras.

During this period chanting of tiruppavai  30 pasuras, one pasura each day is very auspicious.

To learn more about tiruppavai follow the link Tiruppavai pasuras

Other names of Dhanurmasa:-
Dhanurmasa is also known by the names Chapa Masa, Kodanda Masa, Karmuka Masa etc. Chapa, Kodanda, Karmuka etc., in Sanskrit are synonyms of Dhanus; meaning a bow.

The importance of this Dhanurmasam is mentioned in the Dhanurmasa Mahatmya of Pancharatragama, Agneya Purana and also in a work called Smruti Muktavali.



Importance od Dhanurmasam
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Importance od Dhanurmasam
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