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Hyderabad Youth is top in Fitness

Hyderabad Youth is Top in Fiteness

Hyderabad has the highest ranking in the country in fitness. The youth survey conducted by the Hindustan Times magazine has taken a number of views on the interests of Indian youth, interests, acquisitions, etc. 2017. The survey found that our city youth is better off than other Indian cities in exercise and good food.

Number one in Survey

The India Youth Survey 2017 has been set up to identify the youthfulness of youth in the 16 cities of the state of Hindustan Times, along with Mars Monitoring and Research Systems. The survey carried out survey of young people aged between 18 and 22 in the country’s major cities, 22 to 25 years old, from love, bridal, purchases and lifestyle. Hyderabad city youth topped the list of opinion polls to identify youth care on physical satisfaction in this survey. 49 per cent of Hyderabad city youth are being practiced regularly. Hyderabad is ranked first in fitness in the Youth Survey (Fitness City) with Ahmedabad and Mumbai in the top two and three respectively. In the survey, Patna city of Bihar was the last place. Everyday exercise in Patna city youth is only 3.3 per cent!

Pay attention to food

The survey highlighted how highlighting the fitness of Hyderabad youth in fitness and food. 43. 3 per cent of the city’s youth care about nutritional value in food and food consumption and how to take food and take care of the food it takes. Mumbai (50 per cent) and Calcutta (43.4 per cent) are in the forefront of youth choices in their body and food choices. Patna youth is in this position. The survey says that only 6.7 per cent of people are aware of what they eat when they eat.

The city is great

We are the city that is famous for its juicy recipes. On the occasion of the banquet, the lavish kebani kaeta maita has been sweating every day as it ends with a sweet laughing. Most of the people who are eating habit of lather chocolate are high in Hyderabad. The survey found that 60 percent of the city’s youth consumed chocolates. Ahmedabad (48.9 percent) and Lucknow (38.3 percent) were in the post.

Unhealthy lives

Approximately 66 percent of the city’s youth live without sleep. The Youth Survey suggests that the number of young people who have sleepless niceties to live in tests and job duties. The number of youth in urban youth is more than half the number of educated and unskilled students. This Youth Survey says that those who violate the sleeping hours do not even consider parental advice. Delhi was at 73.5 per cent, 68 per cent in Hyderabad and 57.1 per cent in Ahmedabad.

Hyderabad Youth is Top in Fitness

62.5% of the daily consumption of fruits in the diet
Salads Eat Everyday 40.4%
Every day chocolate eaten 51.9%
Friendship with other religions 54.8%
Boys – girls middle class 43.3%
One night, the girl is sure to sit in the restaurant
Boyfriend, who would be Girlfriend 26%
They are just one girl sitting in a restaurant
Those who wish to be friends are 74%

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