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Golconda Fort hyd

Golconda Fort History,timeing

The city of Hyderabad is acclaimed for its stunning landmarks. The superb and forcing landmark which lies on the Western edges of Hyderabad city – Golconda Fort, unwinds with it the 400 years of the rich social legacy of this city. Worked by Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah in 1525, the Golconda Fort embodies the rich nawab’s culture of the time.Here for you Golconda Fort History which is located in Hyderabad.


Golconda Fort History:

“Shepherd’s Hill” or “Golla Konda”, as it was famously known in Telugu, has a fascinating story behind it. One fine day, on the rough slope called Mangalavaram, a shepherd kid ran over an icon. This was passed on to the Kakatiya lord, who was deciding around then. The lord got a mud post developed around the blessed spot. Over a timeframe, this modest development was extended by the Qutb Shahi lords into an enormous fortification of stone which has been a quiet observer to numerous notable occasions. Each alcove and corner of this marvellous landmark echo the unparalleled history of a past period.

The invulnerable fortification was supported by numerous lines and it was of vital significance to a large portion of the rulers. In 1518, when the Qutb Shahi line was discovered, Golconda Fort was made its capital. The ensuing eras saw Golconda Fort being sustained further with a few increments and the development of a wonderful city inside.

By the seventeenth century, Golconda Fort was celebrated as a Diamond Market. It gave the world a portion of the best known precious stones, including Koh-I-Noor jewel, the Hope Diamond and the Orloff Diamond of Catherine the Great.

The great design of the Golconda Fort fortification is show in its acoustic framework, the auxiliary glory of the royal residences and shrewd water supply system.One visit to the post, and you will get transported to that significant age of the Qutb Shahi administration that says a lot of their eminent accomplishments. One is confused to see the fastidious points of interest of the design and the blurring gardens which were quite a long time ago packed with sprawling yards and playing wellsprings.

Additionally, the outline of the ventilation uncovers the splendid arranging of the planners. The ventilation is intended to let in a stream of new cool wind which is a rest from the warmth of summer.

Aside from its great outside, there are many attractions inside the Golconda Fort. A standout amongst the great elements of this Golconda Fort is its acoustics framework. By the method for this framework, a hand applaud sounded at the stronghold’s fundamental entryway, the terrific colonnade, can be heard unmistakably at the ‘Bala Hissar’, the most elevated point a kilometre away.


Outside the Golconda Fort are two separate structures based on a rough prominence – the Taramathi Gana Mandir and the Premathi Nritya Mandir from where the incredible sisters “Taramathi and Premamathi” dwelled. They gave their execution on a roundabout dais on a two-storied structure, the Kala Mandir, which was obvious from the lord’s durbar (ruler’s court) on top of the Golconda Fort. Despite the fact that in a flimsy condition, endeavours are on to restore the brilliance of the Kala Mandir by sorting out the Deccan workmanship celebration every year. Near the stronghold are the lovely domed landmarks, the Qutb Shahi Tombs worked with Islamic engineering.

Sound and Light Show Timings and Tickets Cost

 Sound & Light Show

Another element that makes Golconda Fort post all the more alluring is the light and sound show displaying its history and certainties. The sound and light show at Golconda Fort is done in three dialects to be specific English, Hindi, and Telugu with a voice over of Bollywood living legend Amitabh Bachchan. The show timings of sound and light show at Golconda Fort are Show Timings (Nov to Feb): first Show 6:30 pm second Show 7.45pm and Show Timings (Mar to Oct): first Show 7:00 pm second Show 8.15pm.

To enter the fortress you are required to pay an insignificant Golconda post -passage charge of Rs.5; it is Rs. 100 remote visitors. You need to pay additional on the off chance that you want to take your camera inside. For sound and light show, you are required to purchase a different ticket.

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