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Hima Bindu acid attacks her boyfriend Ilayaraj in Guntur.

Himabindu acid attacks her boyfriend Ilayaraj. The boyfriend had died. She angry with her boyfriend because he will marry another woman.

Hima Bindu belongs to Guntur city and her boyfriend Ilayaraj belongs to Thadikonda village. They both are lovers. But Ilayaraj parents not accepted that love. That’s the cause Ilayaraj make another marriage. When she knows about the marriage of  her boyfriend, she felt angry and acid attack him.

Acid attacks
Acid attacks

Hima Bindu called her boyfriend auto driver Arjunrao house, and another person there Ilayaraja knows Khasim. She called to Illayaraj their bedroom, in that time she discussed Ilayaraj and acid attacks.

Hima Bindu acid attacks her boyfriend Ilayaraj.

Once that incident shocked Ilayaraj and he shouted giggly and jump the wall and run away. But the strangers, though he will be a thief. They are all around him. With boring his body Illayaraj says the stranger both love story. When the story knows strangers But the Illayaraj was dying. The police know the incident, they investigate all the roots.

Now a days acid attack takes serious in social media.

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