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Donald Trump fan disrupts united airlines flight from shanghai to us

us president Donald trump sloganmake America great again it is written hat off wearing boarded the plane the man fellow travelers .force him to live the plane, scene youtube viral have become. this event on Sunday in china, shanghai has reneged.  that person is the terminal located in the united airlines.

donald trump

aircraft arrive at the hat on political slogan.seeing travelers anger began.they would expect to that person flight to the entrance at the right seat thing on the staff with the argument. the last aisle next to that seat was sitting in that person.the window side which seat into the other didn’t allow .hillary  there he blamed .his behavior of words by fellow passenger objected said.

”hat on slogan your trouble that causes. say that person speak that with rest they are more angered. hat man goes out until did not go other traveler banished staff. for the police come and forced him to out said.after that aircraft, NewYork embark

Donald trump age 70 years

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