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Diwali Festival History and Information

Diwali Festival History and Information

Diwali is one of the most lighting and beautiful festival times of the year. Diwali means a “Row of Lights.” this festival comes to fill light and love; a time when Indians all over the world celebrated. Diwali is comes on the 13th/14th day in the dark half of Kartik (October – November). it is a celebration winning of good over evil.

History of Diwali

It is trusted that on this day Lord Rama,Sita and Lakshman was coming back to the place where he was born Ayodhya after 14 years of vanavasam. He had quite recently completed the process of doing combating and beating the furious evil spirit lord of Ceylon, Ravana, who had stole Sita. In this fight he was capably helped by Lord Hanuman and his armed force of monkeys and a multitude of bold bears.Ram vanquished Ravan and discharged Sita from his guardianship. On the landing of Lord Ram alongside his better half Sita, individuals of Ayodhya adorned their homes and additionally the city of Ayodhyaa by lighting modest diyas all over, keeping in mind the end goal to welcome their darling sovereign Shri Ram and Devi Sita.The general population of Ayodhya lit lights in each home to welcome their actual King and praise his triumph over Ravana furthermore the protected return of their Queen Sita. They moved and made happy and lit sparklers to express their delight over his arrival. Furthermore, as a characteristic of regard and love the celebrations proceed with consistently till this today.

Diwali Festival History and Information

As another story we know that Lord Krishna had battled a devil called Narakasura and rose triumphant. The general population of the city were thrilled and invited Krishna back with lights in their grasp.who was leader of Pragjyotishpur, a region toward the South of Nepal. Subsequent to securing triumph over Lord Indra amid a war, Narakasur grabbed away the glorious hoops of Mother Goddess Aditi, who was the leader of Suraloka, as well as a relative of Lord Krishna’s better half – Satyabhama. Narakasur additionally detained sixteen thousand girls of Gods and holy people in his collection of mistresses. With the support of Lord Krishna, Satyabhama vanquished Narakasur, discharged every one of the ladies from his array of mistresses and reestablished the sublime studs of Mother Goddess.

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Diwali festival information
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