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ban on diwali bombs in delhi

Diwali Ban in Delhi : Candle lights only

Diwali is going to be different this time in Delhi. The Supreme Court has imposed a ban on selling Diwali bombs for control of Pollution. I want to celebrate the pollution. The court said it would continue to ban bombs and air pollution bombs. The court has revealed that these orders will be effective until November 1. Subsequently, the ban announced to be lifted temporarily. With the court order, fireworks are being stopped in Delhi. It will be in the national capital regions of Delhi and Delhi.

Air pollution has soared sharply with burned bags during the Diwali festival last year. This is the pollution in the atmosphere for three days. So many people suffered from a breathtaking clinic. The court gave these orders in mind. Also in Delhi, fireworks sales and halal sales licenses have also been canceled. In September this year, the court ordered the suspension of suspension of the ban on halting licenses. Arjun Gopal, a man in the Supreme Court, has filed a petition. The prosecution asked him to continue. The Central Pollution Control Agency has supported this. The Supreme Court on Monday, October 9, ordered the ban on the sale of Diwali bombs in Delhi and NCR.

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