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Dasari Narayana Rao Life Story

Directed by Dasari Narayana Rao, who has competing with heroes in the audience. He is a good man who played and acted in the film, not in politics and politics. He is the Telugu film director of the highest number of films. In the past, he shared with the ‘Today-Sunday Alliance’ of the twists and turns of his life from the ruling party to the parliament. These things are in his words.

Dasari Narayana Rao Life Story

dasari  narayana rao

Dasari Narayna Film Life

‘Everybody plays a drama, getting a cup, dancing on the Madras Central Railway immediately after sinking, to dress up .. Have you ever seen the face in the mirror?’ This is the first day of the film industry. Krishna is a make-up man who is making a comeback. Shock me It is not possible that I will be beaten. I asked them if they asked me. I am in myself as I say something like this.

Makeup is gone. I took the laughing cries and got me caught. Shock again! ‘Andy asked me for the main comedian’s downfall.’ ‘Bhalevadivayya gave it to Balakrishna (a dude comedian). Already the shooting was done. You’re dressing as an assistant, ‘said Maman. Immediately, I went to the producer and asked.

Dasari Narayana Rao student life

He was not aware of the change. In the meanwhile, the junior artists’ what are you doing, do the assistant dress, have dialogues and poems? Gold Medalist in theater, State level best actor.I feel like this is a masculinity. But thinking that the producer is not wrong. In the set, I walked in the scene. My first day in film industry was the first experience.

The most important family in the ruling is ours. We were told that the property was good. Nanna and Pannanagannai were doing business with tobacco. Once in the Diwali, the tobacco godown was burned. There were no insurances at that time. It was financially bad. Farms also had to be sold during that difficult time. We’re all six children. The elder brother, the youngest, I, the three sisters.
Nobody has read much in our family until my father’s generation. We only read daddy. By the time I arrived, our financial situation was badly damaged. I did not even get enough to build school fees and put me in a carpenter’s shop. My salary is Rs.
I got a gift from the best student in the sixth grade. Such is the difficulty to get to work. But it is wrong. One day our school was moving on a bicycle cycle and rightly my shop was chain. If he chains the chain, I help him get up.

See me .. ‘Eera, Badeggotti are coming here’ said. I told him all that happened. I took my home and ran to my house and said, ‘How can Dasari Narayana Rao Merit Student and Van Vani?’ “Now we have to pay fees in the school. Handle books I am not a bad man. I read both of them. That’s fine, ‘Daddy said. ‘But I read him,’ our master took me to school.

In the average classroom and the fee was not paid, the students in the school were nursed by Dasari Narayana Rao. If you all can help him, he can read it, “he said. All my classmates responded. The pockets in the pocket are removed and placed on the table. School fees got enough money. If the incident happened, my eyes would rot in water.
There are no books to attend school. I’ll take my friends.

It was four and a half in the evening. Then there was a half-hour Hindi class. I joined that. Hindi is not to teach .. Idly, Dos .. At that time, there was something tiffin to eat for encouraging Hindi learners. I joined the Hindi class to get hungry.
After that, I got a small job in Hyderabad for a job. In the early morning, the four chapatis, pappu and put in the box and walk to Nampallyi. There it was in Bansek in Sanathnagar. Buses did not go beyond Sanathnagar. From left to balanagar till left and right. This is the same again after the dawn of the afternoon.

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Dancing rehearsals from the evening. In the reign of Sri Sri Chemararama Art Theater, I started to play dramas with my friends in the ruling. In Ravindra Bharat, it is necessary to play any month. In 1965, once we played Ravindra Bharat, a producer named YV Krishnaiah was seen. He liked my action in the play. As soon as the play progressed, he got a green room. ‘Harshishkesh Pictures’ banner is going to be a film about ‘beauty for beauty’.

Asked whether he would do that. I had already read in magazines about the troubles of Madras in the film channels. In fact, the author of the theater, the director and the actor, is actor. I’m doing another job. All of this is going to go for the chance of cinema and check the fortune of what is the mind of Ego that is in mind. So he said no to him without thinking too much. Shortly afterwards Krishnaiah wrote a letter to me.

We will give the main comedian in his movie, Madras. My friends who have seen that letter say, ‘Why is it so good when it comes to such a good opportunity that you are unexpectedly unwittingly? Okay that is Madras. The Chennai Central Station has come downstairs. That day, I went to the studio and went to the studio. It is the luck that no actor has ever seen in the industry! But on the day, I can never forget the makeup man Annamalattu in my face.

Dasari Narayana  Sweet Memorys

Abids Reddy had a bachelor’s quartet called ‘Risala Chair Joy’ next to Hostel. It was rented in a room. The rent is four rupees. The three were together. I do not have a room now. But still do not go to Abids anytime

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