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Hyderabad Youth is Top in Fiteness

Hyderabad Youth is top in Fitness

Hyderabad has the highest ranking in the country in fitness. The youth survey conducted by the Hindustan Times magazine has taken a number of views on the interests of Indian youth, interests, acquisitions, etc. 2017. The survey found that our city youth is better off than other Indian cities in …

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Why Sudden Rains in Hyderabad only ? Reason explained Here

Hyderabad Sudden Rains

Full sunny until noon. Then suddenly dense clouds. The rain no longer tolerates in the evening. This strange atmosphere. This situation is all over Hyderabad and Telangana state. This is not our state alone. This is the same situation in Central India. Analysts reveal that this is a major change …

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Borewells in Hyderabad | Borewell Drilling Contractors in Hyderabad

Borewells in Hyderabad

Borewell industry, the best-rising industry in the Hyderabad. Hyderabad is a place where the living hood is increasing. For persons who are living in the cities mostly need of water. But water won’t come easily in the cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi. So Borewells are needed for …

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Special policy for parking problems in Hyderabad : Minister KTR

KTR about parking policy

At present, around 700 new vehicles are coming to Hyderabad roads, and Minister Ketiar said the policy is specifically aimed at resolving the parking problems that are coming up on the roads coming to the roads. Ketiar said the authorities had created a parking policy for studying policies in various …

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Khairathabad Ganesh 2017 is All ready to Pray | Images, Pics, Laddu, Height

Khairathabad Ganesh 2017 photos

Ganapathula Pandagochindante chalu manaki ekkadiki leni husharu achesthadi. Iga gadantha chuskoni manam mursipothamle manchiga. Iga ee sssari ganapathula pandagaki sooka antha ready aipoinay. Iga givanntla manaki ethaina ganapathi antene yaad kochedi Khairathabad Ganesh. Gee Khairathabad ganesh ni enno yendla sandhi nilabedthunnaru. EE yedadhi ganapathi ethu 51 feetlu. Height 51 feets. …

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Mayor Rammohan and GHMC fines legend construction company 10 lakhs

Mayor rammohan

Mayor Bonthu Rammohan garu Kannerra jesthe mamuluga undadhani thelisela chesadu. Banjarahillslo thajaga jarigina oka sangatana aayanaki theevra aagraham thechela cheyadamtho aa charyaku karakulaina varipai theevra parinamalu undela chusukunnaru. Read Also : Borewells in Hyderabad Asalu vishayam emitante Banjarahills Road No. 14 lo Legend construction company thama ishtanusaram roadlapai neellu vadilesthunnaru. …

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MGBS Platform Holding numbers Changed

MGBS platforms

Telangana RTC ki maniharanga unna MGBS bus stationlo kotha marpulu chotu cheskunnai. Ikkadi nundi Deshamloni vividha pranthalaku , Nagaraalaku, Jillalaki vellenduku bus services unnai. Veeti platforms ni marchcinattu RTC adhikarulu prakatincharu. Platform Jabithani kuda vidudhala chesaru. 1 to 5 :Garuda,Garuda+,Vennela,Amaravati,Airavath 6 to 8:Bangalore 9:Ananthapur, Dharmavaram, Puttaparti 10 &11: Khammam, Bhadrchalam, …

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Drugs caselo SIT vicharanaki velthunna Cinema Celebreties

Drugs tollywood

Drugs caselo SIT investigation fastga chesthundhi. Tollywoodki chendina cinema pramukhulanu SIT vicharanaku notify chesindhi.Drugs casetho sambandam unna okkakkaru SIT munduku rabothunnaru.SIT adagaboye katina prashnalanu edurkunenduku siddham avvabothunnaru.Ippatike casetho sambandham undi ani anumanchina vallaki SIT notice jaari chesindhi. Ee nela 19 nunchi notice andukunna varu SIT eduta hajaru kabothunnaru. 19-Poori Jagannadh …

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Secunderabad Ujjaini Mahankali Bonalu Jathara History | Bonalu 2017

Telangana is a place of different festivals like Bathukamma and Bonalu. These two are the epic festivals for Telangana people. Now here we are giving exclusive news of Telangana Bonalu 2017. What is the History of Lashkar Bonalu: Bonalu is a great festival for Hyderabad people. If we go into …

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Huge Rain Fall in Hyderabad on Thursday

As the weather department officials warned, heavy rains are scattered across Telugu states, especially in the capital city Hyderabad from the two days. The heavy rain fell on Thursday morning. The rain fell from 3 to 4 hours that even couldn’t step out from the houses. In almost all areas …

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