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Bithiri Sathi Bathukamma Song 2018 | v6 bithiri Sathi aka Ravi kumar

Bithiri Sathi is a well known personality from v6 channel. He got very huge fans for his teenmar program in v6 channel. After that he entered into movies also and got very good response for his acting. Now he is maintaining his own YouTube channel. In that channel he uploaded …

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Telangana Songs | Bathukamma Songs | Udyama Patalu

Telangana Songs Bathukamma Songs

Telangana has various styles of songs. Folk Songs are very popular across Telangana. If any song is in Telangana language then that song is gonna block buster. Recently Fidaa Movie song named Vachinde Pilla has got so much appreciation from all over world. if you don’t believe just check in …

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Lyrics of Mangli Telangana Formation Day song 2018 | MICTV

Lyrics tfd mangli song 2018

elangana Formation Day Special Song 2018, Beautifully Sung by #Mangli and #JangiReddy and Written by #DrKandikonda on the anniversary of the formation day of Telangana state. This Special song is Dedicated to all Heroes Struggled with #Telangana #Formation Agitation. Watch : Lover Movie Fame Tulya Jyothi Full Interview Here is …

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Lyrics of Ugadi Song By Madhu Priya 2018 | TV1 | Kandikonda Lyrics

Lyrics of madhu priya ugadi song

Ugadi special song 2018 by Madhu Priya – TV1 Lyrics & Direction : Dr. kandikonda Music : Suresh Bobbili Singer : Madhu Priya Editor : Uday Kumbham Choreographer : Anil Kandhukuri Camera : Saiteja Kundarapu. Download this song here :  Download Madhupriya Ugadi song 2018 Mangli Ugadi Song here Lyrics …

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Lyrics of Ugadi Song 2018 by Mangli | MicTv.in Ugadi song Kandikonda Lyrics

ugadi song lyrics

Ugadi Special Song, 2018 from Mictv.in featuring Mangli, written by noted lyricist Dr.Kandikonda. Ugadi (Ugādi, Samvatsarādi, Yugadi) is the New Year’s Day for the Hindus of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana states in India. It is festively observed in these regions on the first day of the Hindu lunisolar …

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