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[Updated]SARAHAH App Lolli Endira Bhai | Gapchup Unde App

Sarahah App Lolli endi

Igo ee social medialalla yeda soosina gidhe app gurinchi kanavadthundi. Asalu ee sarahah app endi. deen thalli deeni gola endhi. Asalu Sarahah ante endhi, Idhi manaketla use aithadhi. Sarahah App Gapchup unde App. Oka look eskundaam soodandi kinda. Sarahah App ante endi ante okollaku manamollo thelvakunda manam vallaki message chesudu anna mata. …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leaked Specifications, Features, Release Date

Samsung galaxy Note 8 specs

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leaked Specifications, Features, Release Date. Everything you are going to find in this article. Everything about Samsung Galaxy Note 8 here. let’s Read and Chose your thought to buy it. Release Date: Not yet Announced Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs: 8GB RAM 64GB Storage 5.7 inches …

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Fidget Spinner : All you need to know about this toy

Fidget Spinner

Actually, by this month, so many people came to know about this toy. “What is that?” This question may arise in your mind if you don’t come across the TITLE of this article. I am telling about Fidget Spinner. Everywhere people are using Fidget Spinner even they don’t know what …

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OnePlus 5 Mobile Released in India Today

oneplus 5 mobile launch in india

The authority overall revealing of the following flagship from Chinese cell phone company OnePlus, called as the OnePlus 5, occurred on 20 June 2017 and now it is at last time for the official India launch. The dispatch is booked to occur on 22 June at an occasion held in …

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PreGST sale in Flipkart: High End Mobile prices are decreased

FLIPKART Sale is on less price for high end mobiles

Looking for high-definition flagship phones? Visit Flipkart for a while. Because the site has now become the flagship phones sale sure. This cell is available for users on smartphones such as Google Pixel, Moto Jad, including iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 Plus (128 GB) is priced at Rs. 22,000. Besides, …

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SamsungGalaxy S8+ was Ready to launch in indian market on 9th june

download (1)

INDIA: Good news for Samsung smartphone user, that Samsung has ready to launch a Samsung Galaxy s8 plus in the indian market on 9th June of this year. Almost after a month of making the Galaxy S8 smartphones available in India, the company has now launched a new variant of the Galaxy S8 …

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WannCry Ransomware Decrypt Methods by CERT

Wannacry Ransomware Infected1

WannaCry malware is shaking the Internet world now. How to counter this malware that has already been announced by experts The Indian Cyber Security Agency has provided special information on the latest threat to the CERT. There are many suggestions for the Netizens how to save themselves from it. There …

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WannaCry Ransomware Attack on 12th may 2017

wannacry ransomware

WannaCry is a ransomware which is targeted only Microsoft windows. On 12th May 2017, the biggest cyber attack had happened by using it. More than 2,30,000 computers in 150 countries are affected by this WannaCry ransomware. Wannacry ransomware is demanding the ransom payments in the cryptocurrency bitcoin in 28 languages. …

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What Is The Ransomware Attack ? Types, History

Ransomware attack

What is the Ransomware attack: Ransomware is a type of malicious software that carries out the cryptoviral extortion attack that blocks access to data until a ransom(money) is paid and displays a message requesting payment to unlock it. (Source: Wikipedia) Simply Ransomware locks the system files and it is very …

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