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Fire Accident in Gangotri National Park

gangotri national park fire accident

In Gangotri, there was a major fire in National Park. The fire started at the cave of the Pandavas. All the flames are spread. Fire safety officers are trying to evacuate fire from 44 hours. Even there is raining the flames are unstoppable. Gangotri National Park is located in Uttarakhand. …

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Huge discounts on Cars, ACs & Phones in Pre GST sale

paytm pre GST sale

Driving brands and retailers have been putting forth huge rebates to offer old stock before Goods and Services Tax (GST) becomes effective from July first, 2017. Paytm propelled ‘Pre-GST Sale’ in the organization with 6,000 disconnected retailers crosswise over 500 brands. Purchasers can benefit rebates and money back on the …

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All you need to know about New 500 Note from RBI

New 500 note from RBI

Reserve Bank of India is equipping to issuing another cluster of cash notes in 500 sections with inset letter ‘A’. in both the number boards at the upper left and lower right corners of the front part. In the new Rs. 500 notes of Mahatma Gandhi Series issued after the …

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We want Separate Time Zone: North-East states of India

northeast states of India

Northeast states are not new to asking themselves to have a special time zone. Arunachal Pradesh CM Pema Khandu has raised this demand once again. He said the need to change the time zone to increase the work capacity and save electricity. The government offices are open from 10 in …

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President of India elections scheduled on June 17

The Election Commission on Wednesday announced the 14th Presidential Election Schedule of the Indian Parliament on Wednesday. Chief Election Commissioner Naseem Zaidi said that the Presidential polling will be held on July 17. The term of present President Pranab Mukherjee will end on July 24. Polling will be held on …

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Plastic Rice in Andhra and Telangana States

Plastic rice

Plastic rice is viral news in all over India. In Andhra Pradesh it is found in first Srisailam, Karnool District. Now a day’s duplicates water, duplicate Milk, duplicate masalas, duplicate vigitable, delicate fruits also come on the Market. At last Plastic Rice come to India. Plastic Rice is the big issue in Andhra …

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Nishi Egg Poultry Product (P) Ltd., Paidiparru, Egg Traders in West Godavari

Nishi Egg Poultry (P) Ltd., West GodavariNishi Egg Poultry (P) Ltd., West Godavari

Nishi Egg Poultry Product (P) Ltd., Paidiparru, Egg Traders in West Godavari District Address:- West Godavari Nishi Egg Poultry Product (P) Ltd., Paidiparru, Y junction road, Tanuku, West Godavari District. Phone Number: 99497 22449 Nishi Egg Poultry Product (P) Ltd., Paidiparu, Tanuku. This is the best company in Tanuku. They are supplying …

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Actors came to see Dasari Narayana Rao dead body

Dasari Narayana Rao dead

The all celebrities came to see Dasari Narayana Rao dead body. They are no difference big and small artiest’s come to see the Dasari dead body. In movie Industry all artists have a good relation with him. Nandamuri Hrikrishna see the Dasari dead body a long time with sadness. He said their …

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సంస్కృతాన్ని బతికిస్తున్న నాలుగు గ్రామాలు

sanskrit india

సంస్కృతాన్ని బతికిస్తున్న నాలుగు గ్రామాలు ప్రజల నాలుకల మీద దేవభాష! ప్రపంచంలో ఒకప్పుడు అతిపెద్ద భాషల కింద లాటిన్, సంస్కృతం ఉండేవి. సకల భాషలకు తల్లి సంస్కృతం. ఇప్పుడది మృతభాష కిందే లెక్క. సంస్కృతమంటే దేవతలు మాత్రమే మాట్లాడుకునే దేవభాషగా స్థిరపడిపోవడంతో ప్రజలకు దూరమైపోయింది. కానీ ఇది దేవభాష కాదు ప్రజాభాష… ప్రజలు మెచ్చిన భాష అని నిరూపిస్తున్న గ్రామాలు మన భారతదేశంలో ఉన్నందుకు మనమంతా గర్వపడాలి. ఇంటర్ మీడియట్లో …

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Hima Bindu acid attacks her boyfriend Ilayaraj in Guntur.


Himabindu acid attacks her boyfriend Ilayaraj. The boyfriend had died. She angry with her boyfriend because he will marry another woman. Hima Bindu belongs to Guntur city and her boyfriend Ilayaraj belongs to Thadikonda village. They both are lovers. But Ilayaraj parents not accepted that love. That’s the cause Ilayaraj …

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