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Bathukamma Day 9 Saddula Bathukamma | 2017 Celebrations

Saddula Bathukamma

The end of the Bathukamma Festival is on the Maha Navami. This day is known as Saddula Bathukamma. On the occasion of Saddula Bathukamma people go to Cheruvu and leave their Bathukammas in Water. After this day no more Bathukamma in the Telangana State. But people will get the result …

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Bathukamma Day 8 Venna Muddala Bathukamma | 2017 Celebrations

vennamuddala Bathukamma

Bathukamma Day 8 is known for Venna muddala Bathukamma. This day is known for Durga Sapthami. After this day Bathukamma is going to end. Venna Muddala Bathukamma Naivedyam is to be made with Butter, Ghee, and Nuvvulu. All the Bathukamma is going to end by this day. The Bathukamma is going …

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Download Bathukamma 2017 Songs | Mangli, Karthika, Udayabhanu, Madhupriya

Bathukamma Songs 2017 Download free

So many songs released for this year Bathukamma festival If you want to download them just click download button here Download Bathukamma Songs 2017: Bathukamma Song 2017 By Mangli and Kathi Karthika – Download V6 Bathukamma Song 2017 Sing by Kailash Kheri – Download Udaya Bhanu’s T News Bathukamma Song 2017 …

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Lyrics of V6 Mangli’s Bathukamma Song 2017 Kathi kathika MicTv

Mangli bathukamma song 2017 lyrics

Singidilo Rangulane Doosi Thechi Thella Chandrudilo Vennelale Theesukochi Pachi Thangedutho Gummadi poolu cherchi Bangaaru Bathukammanu intilo perchi Bangaaru Bathukammanu intilo perchi Aadabiddala arachethulane ooyala katti Vaada vaadalaku uthsavaanni mosukochi Puvvulane Poojinche Panduga theche Aa Neeti meedha nilichi Thamaralu Kallu theriche Yeti gattu meedha Poolenno ninnu piliche Andaala Bathukamma Raave Telanganalo …

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Bathukamma Day 7 Vepakayala Bathukamma | 2017 celebrations

vepakayala Bathukamma

Bathukamma Day 7 is referred as Vepakayala Bathukamma. Nivedyam for the Bathukamma is Sakinala Pindi which is made in the form of Vepakayalu. Sakinala Pindi is very good for health in this badrapadham. So it is better to be Naivedyam for the Bathukamma is Vepakayala form of Sakinalu. Bathukamma 2017 …

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Bathukamma Day 6 Aligina Bathukamma | 2017 Celebrations

Aligina Bathukamma

Day 6 of Bathukamma is celebrated as the Aligina Bathukamm. On this day the women who pray for Bathukamma don’t cook anything as Naivedyam. Today Bathukamma is in Alaka form. So no Naivedyam to be prepared for Bathukamma. So people will sing al the songs on Bathukamma and they prepare for removing …

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Bathukamma Day 5 Atla Bathukamma | 2017 Celebrations

Atla Bathukamma

The 5th day of Bathukamma is celebrated as Atla Bathukamma. As the name says today Naivedyam/ Palaharam for Bathukamma is Atlus. Atlus to be made by the Uppud Biyyam, dosa pindi, wheat flour. Then this atlus will be presented to Bathukamma. Check the Bathukamma Songs here: Bathukamma song 2017 Mangli and Kathi …

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Bathukamma Day 4 Nana biyyam Bathukamma | Clebrations 2017

Nana biyyam Bathukamma

Nana Biyyam Bathukamma is the 4th day of Bathukamma festival. It is celebrated on the day of Sindhura thadiya. 3rd day after Mahalaya Amavasya. Nana Biyyam Bathukamma is the one where people will give naivedyam as nana biyyam means wet rice. This name came from that only. For more just …

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