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Bombay High Court on piracy

Bombay High Court on piracy viewing not a crime

Bombay High Court on piracy :As per the Indian Copyright Laws, Bombay High Court has clarified that the mere act of watching a pirated movie is not criminal, however selling or showing a pirated movie is a crime. It is a good news for movie lovers and heavy users of torrents website. Gautam patel Justice of Bombay high court declared that “viewing of pirated films is not a crime but sharing,public exhibition,distribution and sale or hire without appropriate permission is crime”Piracy is the biggest problem entire film industry. cyber crime team keeping their efforts to close many websites which supporting or piracy but they couldn’t successful  

Bombay High Court on piracy viewing not a crime but it encourages piracy avoid piracy and protect film industry.Copying,distribution and sharing of pirated movies is crime anyone found such doing they are punishable

Bombay High Court on piracy

The court also ordered ISPs to place an ‘error message’ on the blocked sites,The warning also given fine of Rs 3,00,000 and/or jail imprisonment upto 3 years for doing such a things like supporting and sharing.Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to drop “viewing, downloading, exhibiting or duplicating’ a particular film is a penal offence” from the ‘error message’ and directed them to display a more generic message. when there was a hiegh upload over the warnings displayed by Internet Service Providers, especially Tata Communication, when an Internet user attempted to open a torrent website, or any website which is banned as per Govt. orders, which included porn sites as well.Bombay HC cleared that they have instructed the ipss to remove or disable viewing,downloading sharing or douplicating of film is a penal offrence ordered show them to showcasea Generic warning

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