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Sri maha vishnu statue 108 feet

Big Statue of Sri Maha Vishnu will be in Bangalore in 60 days

The idol of Vishwaroopam Vishnu, which was prepared to replicate at Srikodendramaraswamy temple, built in 60 years ago in Ejipura, Bangalore, has been completed. The 60-day long wave will begin tomorrow. Temple Trust organizers have decided to dedicate the idol of Maha Vishnu at the temple in Ejipura. To this end, a huge stone for the statue was created.

Sri maha vishnu statue 108 feet

Finally, a large rock was found in Korakota village near Vandavasi, Thiruvannamalai district of the state of Tamil Nadu. In 2014, temple trustees were granted permission from the state and central governments to decide on the sculpture of Viswaroopam Sri Maha Vishnu to cut 400 tons of heavy stone using modern equipment.

The statue is made up of 64 feet high, 26 feet width 11 faces and 22 arms Vishwaroopam Sri Maha Vishnu statue. The artist also prepared a seven-headed statue of Lord Vishnu with a height of 24 feet and 30 feet wide.

A 230-tonne statue of the Mahavishnu statue, which weighs 400 tons, is set up by artists at the temple in Bangalore. The statue is 108 feet tall. The earliest design of the idol takes place in the city of Bangalore.

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